The human face has been a favorite subject of mine throughout my artistic career. It is an ongoing source of inspiration that offers me a multitude of expressive, stylistic, and technical possibilities. During the past twenty or more years, I have enjoyed the academic exercises of making portraits – especially through painting, drawing, and photography. I use many of the same processes to create landscapes. Since moving back to North Carolina, I have created larger, more abstract paintings, many of which have become colorful, nature-oriented oil on canvas dreamscapes.

In the broader generalist arena, my imagination plays across political, aesthetic, ethical, and ideological boundaries, where coincidence can be significant and language poetic. In this sacred space, experiences are often unresolved, esoteric, extremely personal, whimsical yet serious, hazardous, and wild.

My ideas about making art are complicated. I tend to work with in as many arenas as possible, in hopes that the process of making art continues to maintain breadth, rather than becoming specialized. Reading, writing, performing, and teaching all have places in my the total oeuvre of my work. It is in the scope and scales of an aesthetic lifestyle that I can significantly position my art.