What Others Are Saying

Learn what Dan’s Collectors, Admirers, Students, and Colleagues are saying about him and his art.

From his Studio Art Teacher at Pembroke College in the 1970s:

Even as a young man with very little academic art training, Dan impressed me by his earnest enthusiasm for visual language and for his innately expressive art making abilities.

When he asked me about art careers, I encouraged him to attend East Carolina University, my alma mater, which he did.

Last year [in 2012], while attending a reception for a series of East Carolina alumni exhibitions, Dan and I reconnected.

Dan’s art has been featured in exhibitions throughout the country, including the prestigious National Academy of Art and Design, the Taos Museum of Art, the San Francisco Academy of Art, and the South Carolina State Museum, among many more. 

In addition to being a first class talent, I fondly remember Dan comfortable working in a wide variety of styles, subjects, and media. His inquisitive mind is an incredible tool that has enabled him to continue to make important art while also teaching art and humanities.

Rock Kershaw
Artist, Art Teacher, & Art Gallery Consultant
Raleigh, NC

From his Art Students:

  • Dan’s knowledge, teaching methods, and personality gave me the courage to push my painting level. Thank you ever so much.
  • Kind, professional, challenging, attentive, engaging, informative, out-of-the-box, spoke to us and not at us, on schedule, flexible, intuitive, inviting (group and individual)…I could go on and on!
  • Encouraging. Enthusiastic, but at the same time challenging each of us to go farther into new compositional concepts and offering specific technical solutions.
  • Very focused. Explained things clearly.
  • Informative, pushed the enveloped. Laid back.
  • Dan is a great artist who articulates exceptionally well and demonstrates effortlessly. 
  • Thank you! What can I say…I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Dan Smith Workshop. Without a doubt it was more than I expected…I was able to push my painting to the next level. 
  • Inspiration plus education that will keep giving and growing. He knows what he’s doing!
  • Helpful, knowledgeable, always on.
  • We all did a body of work [during the week long workshop].

From his Admirers and Collectors:

  • What a hidden treasure. I’m glad that I discovered [Dan’s exhibit]. Thanks!
  • Wonderful facility! (from another artist commenting on Dan’s technical control)
  • Wow, Dan! I’m impressed, astonishing, refreshing. Love it. Moving experience. We laughed, cried, and joyed. It permeated my being.
  • Out of the box.
  • Thoroughly unique.
  • Incredibly moving.
  • Crazy! Powerful!
  • Your work is impressive and moving.
  • Sorry, nothing matches my sofa. BRAVO!
  • Spectacular. Suggestive.
  • Great imagination.
  • Neato!
  • Very sophisticated, intelligent work.
  • U make me feel.
  • The eyes are the soul.
  • Amazing work.
  • Your statements and work are very loud and striking.
  • I’m really impressed.
  • Great work. Keep the creative process flowing through your blood.
  • Ideas! What talent!
  • Truly unique – exquisite.
  • Fantastic!
  • Cool, different.